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Swiss Army Pocket Knives - The Timeless Design Wonder

Swiss Army Pocket KnivesThe Swiss Army pocket knife has been around since the 19th century, but it’s still going strong. Countless service men and woman, outdoor enthusiasts, scouts, tradesmen and even everyday city dwellers depend on their Swiss Army Knife to cut, strip or open their way through the day.

The genius of this knife is that it combines multiple blades and tools into a compact device that can be stuffed in a pocket, purse or tool bag. This iconic knife is the original multi-tool. It's blade quality and durability ensuring that the swiss army knife brand still remains a very popular knife.

In 1960 the russians thought they had uncovered some secret CIA equipment when they shot down an american U2 spy plane. Upon searching Gary Powers the american pilot they discovered his trusty swiss army knife!

The Swiss Army Pocket Knife - Who's Who

The trademarked term Swiss Army pocket knife technically refers to knives produced by the authorized manufacturers of Swiss Army knives, namely Victorinox and Wenger, but the term has also come to represent any knife that resembles the Swiss Army knife in appearance and functionality. It should also be noted that Victorinox became the sole authorized manufacturer of the Swiss Army knife in 2005 when it purchased the Wenger company and brand. Victorinox still manufactures a few Swiss Army pocket knife models under the Wenger name.

First Swiss Army KnifeThe multifunctional Swiss Army pocket knife got its start more than 100 years ago when Wenger received a contract to produce knives for the Swiss Army. The Swiss Army added Victorinox to the mix in 1908. Over the years, Victorinox became the dominant Swiss Army knife manufacturer, leading to the purchase of Wenger in 1905 and the decision to largely eliminate the Wenger brand in 1913. In an odd twist of fate, the term Swiss Army knife was actually coined by American troops during World War II.

Swiss Army pocket knives are produced by several manufacturers and come in a variety of models. These legendary knives are best known for the tools that make them so functional. Aside from the knife blades that you would expect, Swiss Army knives might come with a saw, corkscrew, scissors, pliers, file, tweezers, toothpick, bottle opener, key ring or some other crazy device that you wouldn’t expect to find on a pocket knife. There are even Swiss Army pocket knife models that come with a LED flashlight, USB drive or digital clock. Now that’s the way to keep up with the technology revolution.

21st Century Swiss Army Pocket Knife

The traditional color of the Swiss Army pocket knife is red, but many models now come in other colors. Depending on the model, the handle of the knife may be made of stainless steel, plastic, wood or even aluminum oxide. The aluminum oxide handle is preferred by sportsman and nature lovers. Swiss Army knives are both handy and affordable. They deliver incredible value to consumers throughout the world.

What scout wouldn’t want their introduction to nature to include a Swiss Army pocket knife. In fact, no household should be without at least one Swiss Army Classic. The Classic has all the goodies, including a blade for whittling, a file that doubles as a screwdriver, a toothpick to add to your dining pleasure and a pair of tweezers to remove that nasty splinter you got while collecting wood for the evening bonfire.

Swiss Army Pocket Knife Champion PlusThe Classic is now available in a variety of designs and colors. The Champion Plus model has no less than 30 stainless steel tools, including a miniature wood saw, ballpoint pen and magnifying glass. The magnifying glass will help you find that darned sliver. You’ll want to go with the larger Swiss Army Champion Plus if you want to have a pair of pliers in your pocket at all times. The Swiss Army One Hand Trekker features 12 stainless steel tools and only requires one hand to operate. You never know when you’re going to need a Phillips screwdriver or a serrated knife blade.

Best Swiss Army Knives

As mentioned previously, the Victorinox is the official Swiss Army Pocket knife manufacturer. The Victorinox Super Tinker model is suitable for just about anyone. The Super Tinker comes with two cutting blades and a selection of the most commonly used tools. You can do everything from clean a catch of fish to cleaning your dirty fingernails.

 Swiss Army EvoWood KnifeThe environmentally friendly Wenger Swiss Army EvoWood pocket knife is made of recycled walnut wood and will fit your hand like a glove. This quality knife is a little more expensive, but it’s worth the investment. Among the tools are a wire stripper and reamer.

Another Swiss Army knife brand and model worth considering is the Chinese made Valtev 13 Function Folding pocket knife. This expertly crafted stainless steel knife is equipped with a LED flashlight, leather punch and fish scale remover.

Leatherman C33TX ComboThe Klein 1550-2 Two -Blade Pocket Knife keeps things simple. One of the two blades doubles as a screwdriver and the other blade is equipped with a spear point. The heavy-duty blades lock open and have a reputation for being tough and durable.

Finally, the Leatherman Crater C33TX Combo Straight/Serrated Blade Knife is just plain sharp. The Crater is American made and comes with several tools. Whatever brand and style you choose, the Swiss Army pocket knife is still a cut above the competition.

As a testament to the durability of a swiss army pocket knife, there are still many vintage and collectible models available to buy. Read this article about old pocket knives and discover why collectors become so fascinated.

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