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What to Know Before Buying Vintage Pocket Knives

Old Pocket KnivesOld pocket knives are a collector's item that can be bought, sold and displayed with pride by their owners. These folding knives are an item that also often evoke childhood memories, and many people feel that the best pocket knives are the ones with a history behind them.

A pocket knife is a knife that is usually foldable and includes one or more blades inside of its handle. While many folding knives are made of the same basic parts, there are several variations in folding knives, and many are characterized by the way they operate.

Despite their simple description, pocket knives are versatile. They can do everything from saving lives to opening a can of soup. People use them for activities like camping, hunting, sailing and even tasks in the home. Pocket knives have evolved into many different makes and models, but the following is a list of some of the basic types of old pocket knives.

Folding Knives

Folding knives are a common type of knife. Many folding knives contain the same parts, which include a blade and a handle as well as a pin, which is the pivot joint for the blade. Folding knives work by concealing the blade inside the handle so that they can be transported without harming anyone. The handle also protects the blade from damage.

Several applications can be added to folding knives so that they are easier to open, and this usually includes adding a notch on the spine. Alternatively, a notch may be added to the blade to allow the user to access the blade faster. Some folding knives are designed to be opened with only one hand, and these usually have a screw on the side rather than a pull or a notch.

The main benefit of a folding knife is that it is compact which means that it is easy and safe to take with you wherever your day takes you. There are many different kinds of folding knives including slip-joint knives, lock back knives, liner lock knives and frame lock knives.

Jack Knives

Jack KnivesA jack knife is another type of pocket knife that is both compact and foldable. The jack knife operates on a hinge on one side of the handle, and they often contain more than one blade. Jack knives are especially popular among hunters, fishermen, and campers because of their portability and the ability to carry more than one blade in a knife.

Pen Knife

The pen knife gets its name because its original design was optimized for sharpening pen quills when they were still the main system of writing. Pen knives are often hinged at each end of the handle and can contain two or three blades on each end. Most of the blades are of different types, and the knife is usually small and light. The main benefit of a pen knife is that it provides you with several different types of blades in one knife and still retains its pocket size.

Brands of Knives

There are many different brands of old pocket knives. They include but are not limited to Buck, Camillus, Case, Queen, Remington and Schrade.


Buck is an iconic knife manufacturer and its founder made the first Buck knife in 1902 as a blacksmith apprentice. The Buck company is still owned by the Buck family. Buck provides an online guide for owners to trace the date of their knife, and the company provides personalized knives for the prestigious Eagle Scout rank of the Boy Scouts of America.

Some popular buck folding knives are:

Buck Paradigm Pro Buck 112 Ranger Buck Paradigm Pro Buck Paradigm Pro

Buck Paradigm Pro

Buck 112 Ranger

Buck Rush

Buck Squire


Case is the one of the most widely collected brand of pocket knife produced today. Case was founded in 1889, and the knives are distinguished by the Case stamp as well as the handles. Case handles are known to be made out of many types of materials including wood and antlers.

Case Stag TrapperLock Case Blue Bone Eisenhower Case Blue Bone Trapper Case Mini CopperLock

Case Stag TrapperLock

Case Blue Bone Eisenhower

Case Blue Bone Trapper

Case Mini CopperLock


Schrade Cutlery Company was born in as a part of the New York-based York Press Button Knife Company. George Schrade patented a switchblade pocket knife with an operating button in 1892. Schrade also began to manufacture the first official Boy Scout knife in the year 1911.

Schrade Old Timer Gunstock Schrade Old Timer Delrin Pioneer Schrade Old Timer-Delrin-Lumberjack Schrade Old Time-Bearhead-Trapper

Schrade Old Timer Gunstock

Schrade Old Timer Delrin Pioneer

Schrade Old Timer Delrin Lumberjack

Schrade Old Timer Bearhead Trapper


Remington Arms Company, founded in 1816, is most often known for its guns. However, Remington was a key manufacturer of folding knives in the interwar years. Old pocket knives manufactured by Remington usually had plastic handles. Remington is one of the oldest manufacturers of weapons and knives that is still operating, and they manufacture folding knives as well as fixed blades.

Remington Sportsman Remington Old Faithful Remington Medium Stockman Remington Insignia Burlwood

Remington Sportsman

Remington Old Faithful

Remington Medium Stockman

Remington Insignia Burlwood

Buying vintage and old pocket knives requires careful consideration of the style, material, body and brand of the knife. Whether you are looking for a rare or commemorative piece, or you stumble across a knife with an abnormality, each pocket knife tells the story of its previous owner. Some knives are easy to date while others may fall in the mix. However, each pocket knife available comes filled with the history of the lives of all of those who benefited from its services in the past.

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