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Japanese Pocket Knives

Japanese Pocket KnivesThe Japanese pocket knife, also called the Higonokami, has been around since the late 19th century. It folds in an open and closing motion and not a swivel. It usually has a handle that is also made of metal and not wood or plastic. It relies on friction in order to stay closed and does not lock. When the knife is closed, the blade is completely in place. The blade of the knife usually has the name of the maker.

Japanese craftsman have made many contributions to the science and art of making folding knives. Traditionally japanese pocket knives were tradesman's and peasant's pocket knives that were considered to small to be a threat by the Samurai or Japanese Military

Below are some types of Higonokami or japanese pocket knives.

Best Made Company’s Japanese Higo Knife

Japanese Higo Knife

Best Made’s Japanese pocket knife is made from laminated white steel from Japanese that has been hand hammered. It’s a slim, pocket-fitting knife with a black handle. When open, it is 6.75 inches long, and 4.25 inches long when closed. Miyamoto Manufacturing Company produced this knife since the 1920s. Each knife made by this company is carefully crafted and painstakingly produced, which makes their availability limited.

Higonokami 7 Pocket Knife

Japanese Higonokami Knife

The Higonokami 7 Inch Pocket Knife made by Nagao Seisakusho comes with a Parkerized black satin finish handle, 3inch blade and 4 inch handle. The blade is constructed from Warikomi steel. It weighs 1.9 ounces. It has a sleek, minimal design for compact convenience. The blade was designed back in the late 19th century. It’s simple lever makes it convenient for carrying and use.

Aogami Warikomi Brass Cased Knife

Aogami Warikomi Knife

The Aogami Warikomi’s Higo knife is made from Hitachi high carbon blue steel edge laminated blade. The blade is 1/8 inches thick, 3 inches long, and has an excellent edge. For making marks and trims, this is an excellent knife. It’s also useful for sharpening pencils or using at a wood making workshop. When folded, it is 4 and a quarter inches long.

Kanekoma Higonokami Pocket Knife

Kanekoma Pocket Knife

The Kanekoma Higokami pocket knife comes with a mottled dark brown “peacock” brass. The blade is 75 mm long, the steel is high quality Hitachi. It is perfect for pencil sharpening and wood work or crafts. The blade action when newly purchased may seem stiff due to high friction, but this is what keeps the blade closed in place. The brass handle is designed for long lasting use.

Itto-Ryu Japanese Pocket Knife

Itto-Ryu Pocket Knife

The Itto-Ryu pocket knife comes with soft iron Hitachi blue steel. It is made in Miki, Japan by blacksmith Tomita. He is a third generation blacksmith.

Higonokami Mini Knife

Higonokami Mini Knife

The Higonokami mini knife is great for carrying on your keychain. It’s also good for wearing around your neck as a pendant. It’s great for carrying around for everyday uses like pencil sharpening. It is hand-forged, made from white steel and is 1 and a half inches long.

Sadakoma Higo Friction Folder

Sadakoma Higo Friction Folder

The Sadakoma Higo friction folder has a black leather covering around the handle. It has a smooth handle, blue carbon steel and soft iron blade. The inverse tanto point fitted on the handle for easy grip. The overall length of the blade is 210 mm, the blade length is 92 mm. It weights 74 grams. It is perfect for gifting, or using for pencil sharpening.

Higonokami Crafts People’s Carpenter Knife

Higonokami Mini Knife

The carpenter knife is made in Osaka. It has a sharp, sleek look for easy folding. The shaft has a small hole for looping into rope, string or chain. The blade is made from carbon blue steel. It’s great for cutting food, paper and wood. It has a 3 inch long blade and a 3 and a half inch long handle. The handle is also made from blue steel.

Shun Large Higo Nokami Gentleman’s Knife

Shun Large Higo Nokami Gentleman’s Knife

Williams Sonoma’s Higonokami knife is made from high carbon steel that is stain resistant and razor sharp for precision cutting. It folds in and out for safe keeping. It’s great for picnics and can cut fruit, meat and cheese. It has a moisture resistant handle, and is uniquely made from wood, unlike traditional Higonokami knives, which are made from steel. The lock mechanism is also not traditional among Higonokami knives, as it relies on friction for staying in place. The blade is 3 ¾ inches long. It is a light weight knife.

Higonokami Dai, Nagaokoma

Higonokami Dai, Nagaokoma

The Higonokami Dai is made from blue steel Hitachi steel. The blade is 8.5 centimeters long. The handle is 10 centimeters long. The blade is made from traditional Japanese knife crafting.

Higonokami Mame, Nagaokoma

Higonokami Mame, Nagaokoma

This knife comes with a blade of 4.5 centimeters made from Sanmai Hitachi blue steel blade. The handle is 5 centimeters long. It is also made from stainless steel, Aogami-Honwarikomi and a bell. It’s a great item for key chains or gifting.

Kotoh Higo Folding Knife, Quince Burl Handle

Kotoh Higo Folding Knife, Quince Burl Handle

This knife comes with a brown swirl wood design on the handle. Its curve is great for fitting in the palm of your hand. It comes with a lever for folding.

If you like the look of these Japanese Pocket Knives then you might also be interested in our article on Antique Pocket Knives. Both types of pocket knives display a craftsmans touch combined with attention to small detail.

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