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Classic Pocket Knives

Classic Pocket Knives The classic pocket knife originated in about 500 BC, traveling all over the world used by Vikings, Roman soldiers, peasants and across many cultures. Although knives have gone through many changes over the centuries to meet different needs, the classic remains as necessary to modern life as it was when it was first developed.

Classic pocket knives can be either old or new. It's the design excellence and outstanding style that creates a timeless quality we call a "classic".

A rite of passage for adolescents everywhere, the first knife most youth receive is the classic design, often a keepsake passed down through the generations in a family. Whether you are looking for a knife for your own immediate needs or planning to begin a new family tradition, a classic pocket knife is a great investment.

Other Names And An Iron Age History

Also called jack-knifes or penknives, the basic design of the classic pocket knife dates back to the Iron Age. A pocket knife features blades and other tools that fold into a handle so that they can be safely placed in your pocket, wallet or bag. The classic pocket knife design features a single blade 2 to 6 inches in length and 1/4 to 1 inch wide.

Pocket Knife Handles Some designs may include a smaller blade about half the size of the main blade. Handles may be made of bone, metals, wood or even durable plastics and come in different shapes from simple rectangles, rounded or curved edges and even ergonomic shapes in which your fingers fit just right into multiple curves in the handle.

Using a classic pocket knife is extremely simple, and this is one of the reasons they tend to be the first knife passed on to a child or adolescent. The blade includes a small groove along the outer edge that allows you to grip it securely by inserting your thumb nail into the groove. Replacing the blade is as easy as folding it back into the handle. Many newer designs feature a snapping spring that automatically pulls the blade into the handle once you have moved it a certain distance.

Uses for a pocket knife are unlimited. They can open envelopes and packages, whittle or shave kindling for a fire while camping, cut line while fishing or even help prepare the fish to cook, carve signs to mark the path while hunting or hiking, or even to cut or peel fruit. Uses are not limited to rural situations but include a host of everyday uses even for city living. They are particularly handy for opening heavy plastic packaging.

It is quite easy to use the knife, simply cutting away from yourself. The pointed tip makes it possible to dig out nails from wood, tighten a loose screw or pierce things if needed. The compactness of a pocket knife make it an excellent addition to first aid or other emergency preparedness kits. In a medical emergency it can help you cut strips of cloth to tie off bleeding, hold a splint for a broken bone or to use to clean a wound.

Although a knife does provide potential protection as a weapon, its primary value is as a tool and if you use it to its potential you will find that it is one of the most essential tools you can have. So how do you select the right one for you?

First of all, consider your intended uses and what kind of longevity you want out of the knife. Although it may cost more, the investment makes sense if you expect to use the knife regularly and pass it on to your child someday. For a long-life classic pocket knife consider the quality both of the blade and of the handle. It is perfectly acceptable to have style preferences and if you would like a traditional style that will look great for generations.

Buck 110

Buck 110 Folding Hunting KnifeThe Buck 110 Folding Hunter knife is a traditional and iconic design, the one that may remind you of your own grandfather. This knife is sturdy, locks securely and is rust resistant stainless steel. This style is also pretty affordable.

Kershaw Keek

Kershaw Leek Folding KnifeKen Onion designed a popular version called the Kershaw's Leek that combines the modern sleek look of matching stainless steel and blade. With an overall length of just 7 inches and weighing only 3 ounces. This knife also rightly wears the classic crown.

The blade tip is small and limits its heavy-duty applications, but the blade is quite strong and comes with a straight or serrated edge. It is also lightweight and comes in some eye popping colours. Part pocket knife part design masterpiece. The Ken Onion designed folder is a true classic.

Benchmade Griptilian

Benchmade GriptilianThe Benchmade Griptilian is a rugged but modern design that can handle heavy-duty tasks. Opening and closing these folders is particularly easy. The griptilian has a clever system of springs and a locking bar called the AXIS locking mechanism. Makes opening and closing the knife achievable with one hand and the blade locks tight when opened.

The pocket clip can be mounted on either side. That's great news for lefties who will also like the ambidextrous thumb-studs. There are smaller mini-models in the family that are better for everyday carry but with the same design features.

BlizeTec Pocket Folder

BlizeTec Pocket Folding KnifeThe BlizeTec Pocket Folding Knife is super modern and military-looking, providing the classic one blade design with an ergonomic handle and a built-in clip. The blade is super strong 420 grade stainless steel and locks securely when opened to allow for safe cutting.

Described as a Rescue Survival Knife this ergonomic masterpiece includes a super bright led and a magnesium fire starter. Definitely something to consider for the bug out bag and clearly a modern day classic.

Buck 385 Toothpick Compact

Buck 385 Toothpick Compact KnifeThe Buck 385 Toothpick Compact Folding Knife features an attractive wood handle of more traditional design but with a unique curve, a single stainless steel blade, and small size that makes for a true classic.

About the length and width of an ordinary pen, its slender narrow blade is very well suited for detailed cutting.

Some may find it a little too fiddly but for many it's size at 3 inches and weight at 0.8oz make it the perfect pocket knife.

There is a classic pocket knife to meet any need. Some are sturdier, some are more compact. The options are as endless as the uses. If you are more of an outdoor type you might be interested in buck pocket knives. These knives a elegant and feel wonderful in the hand.

Brand Snapshot

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