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Pass On a Buck

Buck Pocket KnivesShopping for pocket knives is no easy task. A pocket knife must stand up to the elements and make the grade according to a considerable number of standards. A high-quality knife must be capable of handling any number of tough jobs, including those that might not be immediately foreseeable.

Buck pocket knives certainly measure up in the quality and capability stakes. Their designs are simple, efficient and almost unbreakable. The buck knife company really made the folding knife popular when it introduced a simple system to lock the blade in place when opened. This "back lock" system enabled the folding knife to be used for more demanding activities like hunting.

All American made, buck pocket knives are skillfully crafted with the fit and finish impeccable.This assurance of quality is not simply a slogan designed for advertising to the general public. Buck places a warranty behind every blade that means business.

The Buck Forever Warranty

Every pocket knife comes with more than a lifetime warranty. As long as the knife exists, it is backed by the ideals guiding Buck Knives. Any blade that is damaged or develops a defect under normal conditions will be repaired or replaced automatically. Additionally, the company offers buyers 50-percent off the list price of their knives if a knife cannot be repaired for any reason. This kind of commitment to the customer just scratches the surface of what Buck has to offer to the true appreciator of a quality, folding blade.

Buck Blades Are Razor Sharp

Buck Knife BladeBuck pocket knives are constructed using unsurpassed materials that focus on strength along with the benefit of heat treatments. The combination of heat tempering with the quality of the steel that Buck chooses allows them to lead the industry when it comes to the quality of their blades. Each blade is tempered, tested, and perfected in order to meet the highest standards as defined by the Rockwell Hardness system. The edge life of the blades also accounts for the extraordinary quality of their products.

The edges that they are able to achieve last longer than almost all other blades on the market. Additionally, the quality of the edge allows them to be some of the easiest blades to sharpen as well. The edge that they are able to achieve is made possible through a couple of different techniques. The first distinctive manufacturing process revolves around the Edge2XTM technology that sharpens the metal. Secondly, each blade is driven towards perfection using hand grinding and edging techniques that keeps the human element involved in creating a blade that will serve your every need.

Custom Blades

Buck Custom Pocket KnifeAnother impressive characteristic of the Buck company is that they give you the ability to create your very own custom blade that will be manufactured using their outstanding, time-tested methods of production. Every element of the folding knife will be under your control.

Customers can choose the type of steel they wish to be used in the blade, decide on custom designs and materials for the handle, and engrave the blade however they see fit.

Custom blades are still eligible to receive all of the edging and hardening treatments that they offer as well, making Buck the only high-quality choice when it comes to creating a custom blade that will stand the test of time.

There is virtually no limit when it comes to the blade designs that they have available for every application under the sun. Both people searching for a casual blade that they can pass down through the generations and serious hunters or outdoor enthusiasts who will truly test the limits of their blade can find the designs that they want. The knife shop that Buck has to offer carriers a wide range of models in every category from cutlery to hunting. They also have dedicated designers working with tactical designs and survival blades as well.

You can also count on Buck as a one-stop shop for all of your folding-blade needs. You will not need to spend valuable time searching for sheaths and sharpeners that meet the same standards as the blade for which you want to care. The foundations that govern the ideals behind Buck blades is also in place when it comes to all of the knife accessories that they make available. You can also feel confident in knowing that Buck has a long history of dedication that is evident when it comes to working with steel and creating knives that are the best they can possibly be.

The company roots are in a family of passionate blacksmiths whose primary concern was with developing the best possible way to harden steel in order to create custom blades that would exceed the standards of their customers. These same concerns are still at the heart of the business that Buck runs today. Additionally, their commitment to giving back to communities and organizations based on their success allows you to know that your dollars are being spent on more than a folding blade that will be thoroughly beautiful and impressive. Buck is a continuing supporter and partner of many organizations that include the IHEA for Responsible Hunting, Ducks Unlimited, the Congressional Sportsmen Foundation, and many others. This giving is a small part of the efforts that they make towards preservation and conservation that will benefit their customers and the community at large.

At the end of this article let's not forget another iconic pocket knife. swiss army pocket knives have been, like buck a dominant player in the market place and partly for similar reasons. The both are a quality product. Materials, construction, attention to detail are all first class.

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