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Why Carry A Pocket Knife?

Pocket Knives There have been many articles written recently of the 'how to be a man" school which advocate the carrying of a pocket knife on the grounds that "it'll make you feel like a bad ass."

If whether or not you feel like a bad-ass depends on what's in your pockets, I'm sad to break this to you: you are not a bad ass. You are, at most, an average ass.

It's also a terrible idea to carry a knife as a weapon. With the kind of knife I'm talking about, you won't do much bout damage. Anyway, the bad guy who is attacking you has a bigger knife. Or a gun.

No, the best reason to carry a pocket knife is so that you can be prepared for the many, many situations that you'll encounter during an average day where having a sharp edge of some kind is handy. Until you start carrying one, you won't realize how many times this happens. No longer will you hunt for the scissors in a drawer, or carve your apples with a kitchen knife, or clip your nails with garden shears. You have one tool now, for all of that (although please wash it regularly) and I bet you'll notice the slightly reduced friction in your life. You'll be amazed at how frequently you encounter tasks that your knife is just the tool for. A knife that you carry all the time is called an "everyday carry" or EDC.

Trust me: if you carry a pocket knife for a month and make a conscious decision to remember it's there, you will wonder what you did before you had it, and you will grow to rely on it.

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