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Tactical Folding Knives

Tactical Folding KnivesA good knife is an essential part of any survival kit whether you live and work in an outdoor environment or not. In fact, they are great tools for workers in many trades.

One of the most versatile types of knife available on the civilian market is the tactical folding knife, and this knife is one that has long been in use in the military and law enforcement context.

As it has joined the consumer market, this knife has become more lightweight, and it has been adapted to be able to perform in many situations. The ideal tool for the soldier, the farmer or the general outdoorsman, there are many types of knife available to choose from.

There are several sizes and styles of knives to choose from depending on whether you want to use the knife for everyday tasks or as a self-defense weapon.

Operational Description

Unlimired Wares EMT Tactical Folding KnifeA tactical folding knife is a knife that usually folds out at one joint. While old knives usually require both hands to open them, modern knives are devices that can often be opened with one hand with the help of a hole in the blade or even with thumb studs.

There are several parts of the knife that you should consider when you are on the hunt for this kind of knife. The first thing to consider is the type of steel in the blade.

By choosing a knife with a high-quality steel blade, you will increase not only the lifespan of the knife but its usefulness as well. You also want to consider the mechanism that locks the blade. Depending on your use, you may want to test different knives to find one that releases the blade quickly.

But, you should also remember that this mechanism is a safety mechanism and should prevent the blade from closing on your fingers or hands and therefore preventing injury. You may also want to consider a clip for your knife. A pocket clip makes the knife easy to carry as well as mostly invisible as it hides most of the knife away in your pocket. Many modern knives are lightweight, and this is a benefit because they are easy to carry. However, you do not want to sacrifice a lighter knife for a quality knife, so be sure to consider the knife as a whole before you decide upon a purchase.

As new knives are lighter and stronger than their predecessors, it is usually best to purchase a recently made knife unless you are looking to collect rare or vintage knives. Look for a knife that is lightweight with a high-quality blade and is manufactured well enough to stand up to both the everyday and difficult tasks.


Tactical Folding KnifeThis type of knife is a great tool because they are versatile and are primary tools in many everyday tasks. While they used to be thought of as fighting tools for soldiers, the tactical folding knife has been adapted to serve many purposes including regular home tasks. Whether you are cutting open a cardboardbox , ropes or freeing a shirt that has been caught on a fence, this knife provides the durability and versatility you can rely on.

The folding knife is also a reliable tool to have in case of an emergency as well and is great for freeing yourself or someone else from restraints like seatbelts if you are in a car accident. Many people also still consider them weapons for self-defense for rare situations where they feel they are being threatened.

Popular Brands

Cold Steel

Cold Steel Tactical Folding KnifeCold Steel is a relatively new company on the knife scene being founded in 1980. However, being new to the market has only driven them to push harder and faster in raising the standards for strong and sharp knives. Many people consider Cold Steel to be the future of knives because of their desire for perfection in developing the strongest and sharpest knives in the world.


Spyderco Tactical Folding KnifeSpyderco is located in Golden, Colorado, the gateway to the American Wild West. The company is known for the unconventional design of their knives.

They are dedicated to deliver high-performance knives that also provide ergonomic comfort. Just about all Sypderco tactical folders have a thumb hole strategically placed in the blade to enable easy opening and a belt clip just so your knife is handy when you need it..


Gerber Tactical Folding KnifeGerber Gear was founded in 1939 and is one of the most trusted brands in the knife business. They produce some of the most collected knives on the market as well.

Their specialties however are tactical folders and hunting knives. Solid knives that nned to be strong and sharp. Celebrity Bear Grylls designed has also released a line of survival knives and tools with the company.


IWI Tactical Folding KnifeIWI US was formed in 2012 to release modified versions of some of the most popular private security and military knives and weapons to a civilian market.

Their products were designed in collaboration with the legendary Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The company sells both firearms and knives that are available for purchase both on the consumer market and to law enforcement agencies.

If you have an interest in tactical folding knives we recommend you take a look at al mar knives. They don't come cheap, but what you get is a reliable and easy to use knife you can carry every day.

Brand Snapshot

SOG Folding Knives

Average Price $45.86

442 Searches

Gerber Folding Knives

Average Price $26.64

430 Searches

Spyderco Folding Knives

Average Price $77.32

239 Searches

Kershaw Folding Knives

Average Price $30.12

724 Searches

Benchmade Folding Knives

Average Price $102.32

583 Searches

Zero Tolerance Folding Knives

Average Price $118.46

72 Searches