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Al Mar Knives

Al Mar Knives Apart from being simply beautiful, All Al Mar Knives have a few things in common. They’re all quality knives, hand finished and sharpened. Made in Japan where craftsman have been producing lethal fighting blades and kitchen knives for thousands of years. And where knife design is a revered art form.

All Al Mar knives feature flat ground blades. This produces great blade strength and an ultra sharp edge. Designed for a slicing cut these knives are perfect for woodwork. Or when you need to make a temporary shelter.

Some models are easily capable of punching holes and slicing through light steel and make for a perfect compact folding survival knife. Strong and durable enough for a serious workout whether it’s on the trail, campground, work environment or wherever. Knowing you have a good blade close at hand is great peace of mind.

Folding Knives Designed By A Warrior

During the Vietnam War Al Mar was a Special Forces Soldier often operating in forward positions where survival was not guaranteed. And required great skill, endurance and of course equipment. After the war he earned a master degree in Industrial Design and went on to be head of knife design for Gerber Blades.

Roughly 10 years latter he left Gerber and formed his own company - Al Mar Knives. It is no great surprise that the majority of knives initially made by this new company were designed for police or military use. As the company matured knife designs widened from martial to hunting, fishing and the kitchen. They make both fixed and folding knives. But it is the folding knife that is indisputably the biggest seller.

Today most military people select a folder over a fixed blade. Partly due to the changing nature of conflict zones, current strategies, tactics and logistics. But also because today’s folding knives can do most of the jobs a fixed blade can do. Tactical folders are everyday utility knives, survival tools and weapons all in one.

Finely Crafted Every Day Carry Knives

Al Mar Eagle Classic KnifeThe range of EDC knives from Al Mar extend from the utilitarian Ultralight’s like the Eagle Utralight Talon to the impeccably crafted gentlemen’s knife, the Eagle, Falcon or Hawk Classic.

Whether you seek form or function the Al Mar every day carry all range prove that strength and high quality can be achieved in a lightweight knife.

The AL Mar Hawk Ultralight is a popular knife, why is that? The specs for this knife are quite ordinary. There is no super steel in the blade. It uses a conventional old thumb stud opening mechanism. The lock is a basic lock back. While a micarta handle has been around forever. Why Do People Rave About Al Mar Blades?

Fit, Finish And Performance

Al Mar Eagle Classic KnifeThe fit and finish on Al Mar Knives is first class. They are all finished by hand. With the Japanese tradition of attention to detail evident in every knife that is made.

The classic pocket knife range is a good example of this build quality with distinctive features and styling usually found only in custom made knives. The Osprey Classic has an exquisite black pearl handle, timeless design and a convenient small form factor.

Two measurements that really ensure a folding knife punches well above it’s weight are the blade to weight and the blade to handle ratios. These measures refer to the fact that you can achieve greater efficiency with a lighter knife, while you can get more done with a longer blade. It makes sense and when you see these ratios in operation you understand why.

Lightweight But Sturdy Performers

Al Mar Hawk UltralightAl Mar Knives are impressive in the performance stakes, they have unrivalled blade to weight and blade to handle numbers.

This probably sounds like BS Tech Jargon, so lets take an example. Compare the Spyderco Delica with the Al Mar Hawke Ultralight.

The blades on both knives are essentially the same length, but through clever design the Al Mar blade is squeezed into a smaller handle.

Making it much more useful for doing things small knives do like food prep, but also having the versatility to carry out task that require a bigger blade.

Survival Knives Used By The Experts

In the early 1980’s AL Mar was asked to design a knife for the SERE School an elite military training institution. The program title Survival Evasion Resistance Escape trains army personal to survive different types of life threatening situations that may be encountered during warfare. The resulting knife, the Al Mar SERE, is a very sturdy folding knife optimized for unpredictable and intense circumstances. In my book that’s a stunning recommendation for a survival knife. Designed for and used by the military.

Al Mar Hawk Ultralight The knife has since been improved, made lighter stronger and more precise. The Al Mar SERE 2000 is one bad ass folding survival knife. Tough VG-10 stainless steel blade and comfortable textured ceramic all weather handles mean you have a knife that can see you through the worst of situations.

The AMK Mini SERE is yet another variation of this popular folder. Although this knife is smaller than the original it gives up little in performance. While modern technological advances may have changed the material in an Al Mar SERE knife, his vision still remains.

The SERE 2000 is possibly the most well known tactical or survival knife, but there are a number of other models also worth mentioning.

The SERT Automatic, new in 2015. This powerful coil-spring action knife has a positive lock a durable 3.3-inch blade and a super ergonomic grip fashioned from machined aluminum scales. It’s a rugged knife with a blade that is readily available whenever you might need it.

The AL Mar Shrike is a more heavy-duty folder, with a beefed up liner lock system, and flow through pillar construction like the SERE 2000. It’s a little bigger than most other Al Mar models and perfect for those who like to have something more substantial on their side. It comes with dual thumb studs for easy opening and a pocket clip that enables the knife to be worn on the outside, or clipped discreetly inside a pocket.

What’s Not To Like

Nothings perfect, right? But an Al Mar knife comes darn close. If I had one phrase that best described these folding knives, it would be Military Precision. Made with attention to detail from fabrication to assembly. Light weight yet surprisingly capable. They truly conform to the US Army code of excellence.

So it is perfect, right? Well not quite. There are some small negatives expressed by a small minority of users. Some complain that on the Ultralight Series like the Al Mar Falcon Ultralight, that the AUS-8 blade steel is too soft. Which basically means the edge does not stay sharp for very long. Another gripe concerns the ease of opening, with some complaining that the action is a little too firm. From my experience Al Mar Knives are stiff at the beginning but improve with use. Or the application of some quality knife oil.

The design of the thumb studs on certain AMK models has also raised some criticism. With some users feeling that they protrude to far. These issues may be personal taste, but as a consumer it’s better to be aware.

A well-crafted knife made with both functionality and beauty is a rare bird indeed, so when you spot one in the wild, you have to move quickly. For a knife that soars higher than the rest, catch the Al Mar Brand Knife and take flight like never before.

Al Mar Knife Blade

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