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Some Help Choosing A Folding Knife

Pocket Knives There are a few hundred different blade shapes: Tanto, Bowie, Sheepsfoot, Nessmuk and so on. If it's your first time getting a folding knife that you intend to carry every day, I'd recommend you stick to one of the most common, versatile shapes. This is called the drop point and it looks like this:Drop Point Blade

Drop point is one of the most helpful blade shapes to carry on an every day basis. The lowered point is easy to control for taks that require precision, whilst the curved edge helps you cut straight. This kind of blade is easier than some others to keep sharp.

Don't get a blade that has a lot of interior cutouts. Super tactical funky designs like this generally tell you three things about a knife: It's weaker, harder to clean, and made from inferior steel.

There are various schools of thought on whether serrated blades are a good choice for an EDC knife. Personally I prefer knives with a small section of serration, as it makes it easier to cut some things without having to move the knife much. A knife with a largely serated edge will make your normal use of the knife much less precise, so if you do get a serrated blade, make sure it's only a small percentage of the edge.. (My thoughts anyway)

The Rest Of The Knife

The is largely down to personal preference, but you should be aware of a few important choices you'll need to make.

You want a knife that folds into the handle, because otherwise you'll need to wear it in a sheath on your belt like you're Legolas..LOL

Metal Handle Folding KnifeThe length and the material of the handle can be important. If your knife has a giant, chunky handle, you're going to look like you're smuggling a banana in your pocket, and you're not going to want to carry it all the time. On the other hand you need something large enought to give you some purchase on the knife. I generally choose metal handles, because they're more robust and give the knife better balance. Wooden handles look nice, but might not be appropriate for everyday use. Plastic handles look and feel cheap.

Most modern knives have some kind of locking system in place to make sure the knife does'nt close on your fingers. Many manufacturers have their own patented locking system. This can range from a slip joint (fairly weak) to a kiner lock (impossible to close without your say-so). It's really up to you which you choose, based on how many fingers you want to have a year from now.


Expensive Folding KnivesIt might be tempting to find the cheapest knife money can buy and get it. Ordinarily it's a good idea, if you can afford it, to get the best tool you can afford.

However the problem with this is that there is a certain monetary limit above which you won't want to use or carry such a knife for fear of breaking or losing it. For most people the limit is between $30 and $100.

You should buy a knife that you would'nt cry over if you had to replace it. (this is especially true for a first pocket knife) Luckily there are some great knives out there for a surprisingly small amount of money.

Three Good Knives

Here are some options in different price ranges that would make excellent EDC knives. They are all available from most online stores. Any knife you buy from these manufacturers is almost guaranteed to be high quality.

Gerber RipStop I Fine Edge

Gerber Rip Stop 1 Fine EdgeIt's astounding how a great knife like this can be had for so little cash.

This is probably the least amount of money you can pay for a decent knife.

The knife is only 5.75 inches in length and would make an excellent EDC knife. It's relatively compact and it's light (2oz).

Although it comes from the factory already super sharp, beacuse the blade is 440 steel you will be able to keep on sharpening it without fear of degrading the blade.

Nothing fancy about this, but it'll do the job. Would also make a good backup knife to have on hand.

SOG Aegis Mini

SOG Aegis MiniThis is a beautiful little knife which is a smaller, more EDC friendly version of The SOG Aegis. I'm surprised it's not more expensive.

Despite that, it's a sturdy knife that will take a beating. This knife uses an assisted opening mechanism (or SOG Assisted Technology), if you're the maker.

This is a really solid choice if your looking for something that makes you want to use it regularly.

Spyderco Sage 1

Spyderco Sage 1Spyderco is a company with a reputation for quality. Their knives are not cheap, but they are worth every cent andmore.

The Sage 1 utilizes a liner lock, and the handle is made of interwoven carbon-fiber over stainless steel. The blade itself is a classic Spyderco shape, with their typical circle cutout "Spyderhole" for easy opening.

It is made of some of the highest quality steel you'll find in a knife, certainly for anything near the price range. A pocket clip can be attached to either side.

The Sage 1 is slightly laarger than the other knives I've mentioned, and the price tag makes buying it a commitment, but if you're ready to move up to the next level, it won't dissappoint you.

These are all quality knives, and you're sure to find plenty more by these manufacturers (and other good brands ; Benchmaed, Kershaw, Boker, CRKT) that you like the look of. If you can't decide, go for something cheap and try it for a while to get an idea of your needs and preferences.

One last word - it's not really your knife until you've accidently cut yourself with it.. So be careful

Take a look at this article on buck folding knives. These folding knives are finely crafted and look awesome.

Brand Snapshot

SOG Folding Knives

Average Price $45.86

442 Searches

Gerber Folding Knives

Average Price $26.64

430 Searches

Spyderco Folding Knives

Average Price $77.32

239 Searches

Kershaw Folding Knives

Average Price $30.12

724 Searches

Benchmade Folding Knives

Average Price $102.32

583 Searches

Zero Tolerance Folding Knives

Average Price $118.46

72 Searches