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Price Alert

Say you did a search for "Gerber Folding Knives" and the cheapest price returned was more than you wanted to pay.. The try a price alert. Set the price YOU want to pay (be realistic here) and this tool will search from our extensive list of stores and try to find your choice of knife at your price. Every hour, 24 hours a day your individual search will be conducted. As soon as it finds a store selling your knife at your price it will send you an email. Too set a price alert is simple. Just fill in the form and submit it. You will be required to confirm your email address in order to activate the price alert.

Brand SnapShot

The brand snapshot appearing in the right sidebar displays a live data related to the brands currently being searched for.

The average price is the average price for all items searched for that particular brand.

Minimum Price

You do not need to enter a minimum price when conducted a search. If, however you find that the knives returned without specifying a minimum price are TOO cheap, then enter your preferred minimum price.

How To Search

Searching for a folding knife is simple and can be a fun way to discover the range and prices of knives on the market. For best results when searching enter a brand name first then any other information like a model type or number or color etc.

Popular & Latest Searches

The popular and latest searches boxes are designed to give you ideas about what knives to search for. The most popular searches are generally a good indication of knives that are in demand.

How To Use The Merchant Filter

The merchant filter enables you to control which merchants are included when the folding knife finder conducts s search.

Selecting the merchant filter text brings up the merchant list. Select the merchants you wish to exclude from your searches and clicking the hide merchants botton at the bottom.

You can update this list as you wish by selecting and deselecting each merchant. This is a great feature if you wish to narrow down your knife searches to specific merchants.

The small icon next to the store filter text will change to an orange colour to indicate that you have stores hidden. The number of hidden stores will apear next to this orange icon.

You can clear the list simply by deselecting all stores and clicking the update button at the bottom.

Watch The How To Video

Our first video takes a closer look at the folding knife finder website. Find out how best to use the search function.

Brand Snapshot

SOG Folding Knives

Average Price $45.86

442 Searches

Gerber Folding Knives

Average Price $26.64

430 Searches

Spyderco Folding Knives

Average Price $77.32

239 Searches

Kershaw Folding Knives

Average Price $30.12

724 Searches

Benchmade Folding Knives

Average Price $102.32

583 Searches

Zero Tolerance Folding Knives

Average Price $118.46

72 Searches